In 2020, working remotely became a standard almost overnight. One of the most unique challenges businesses were faced with was keeping their employees connected and productive. The isolation that remote work brings can be frustrating and the stress of isolation makes it difficult to work as one unit. 

Enter The Game Show Connection. We offer a variety of games that can be personalized for your teams’ specific job duties while also promoting teamwork and improving job performance.

How Do I Use Team-Building to Foster Productivity?

Often times, employers are at a loss as to how to help improve productivity in their employees, especially with the constraints of working remotely. What they may not realize is that by giving your employees a specific time and place to blow off some steam, you are directly affecting their job performance.

Let’s break it down a bit. Let’s say you and your friend both work for the same company. You are both under different supervision and on different teams. Your supervisor advises your team that they’ve booked a virtual game show experience for the team. Your team spends an hour of their day being quizzed on relevant topics to their job, and working together to problem solve. After that hour, you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of your day with a clear head. Your friend’s team worked through lunch and hasn’t stopped working all day. Your friend feels overworked and under-appreciated and barely completes their daily tasks.

Work doesn’t have to feel that way! The supervisor who took the extra initiative doesn’t have to stress about their team getting their work done. They have set their team up for success!

The main takeaways for improving job performance through team building are:

  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Improved communication
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Connection 

We Understand and We’re Here

Here at the Game Show Connection, we provide a unique setting for your employees to grow. We understand that running a business in a remote world is difficult – we’ve had to do the same ourselves! That’s why we have developed our virtual game show experience. In an ever-evolving corporate world, we’re here to provide you with a specialized experience to help your employees grow and improve.

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