Virtual, Competitive, Team Building Game Shows

Looking for a way to energize your team?  Our Virtual Game Shows are the perfect solution to provide a fun and competitive team building activity designed to engage your on/off-site team.  Each show incorporates a variety of trivia and game types:

  • Multiple Choice Smart Phone Trivia
  • Survey Says (in the style of the classic feud game)
  • Challenge Quiz Show – multi-media trivia questions, music, pop culture, sports, entertainment, etc.

Our Virtual Game Shows are much more than a trivia game – they are an immersive experience in the comfort of your own home or office, designed to provide players and viewers with a classic TV game show experience.

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Boost Team Spirit and Engagement with Virtual Trivia Challenges

In the age of remote work, nurturing team spirit and engagement is essential. Virtual trivia provides an excellent way for teams to connect from various locations and participate in a fun, interactive activity. By blending competition, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, virtual trivia enhances teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

Picture a marketing team dispersed across different time zones engaging in virtual trivia. As they collaborate to answer questions and overcome challenges, they not only build stronger relationships but also improve their collective knowledge and critical thinking skills. This activity livens up daily routines, highlights individual strengths, and fosters camaraderie through friendly competition, cultivating a positive team culture where collaboration flourishes.

Challenge Quiz Show

"I'll take Music for 200"! This is our version of the classic TV game show where players choose the questions from the game board. This game allows individual or teams to compete, where players use our cell phone buzzer to ring in. This game allows up to ten teams to  compete at one time, making it one of our most popular virtual game shows.

Survey Says

Two teams face off against each other in a classic TV style game show where survey style questions are presented.  Multiple teams can be rotated in a tournament style rotation for maximum fun!

Smart Phone Trivia

Smart Phone Trivia is a fun, interactive way to test your audience's knowledge by having them use their mobile device to play along!  This game typically uses multiple choice trivia questions. Your crowd competes against each other by earning points based on answering questions correctly in the least amount of time. 

Majority Rules

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Beat The Banker

Our version of Deal or No Deal, Beat the Banker is an exciting finale for clients who have the budget to offer $250 or more in a cash prize. This game uses virtual suitcases that contain as little as $1, and as high as your budget allows.  The banter between the contestant and his/her friends is hilarious.  This game keeps everyone on the edge of their seat.