Client Appreciation Game Shows

Client Appreciation Events

By Paul Beardmore/Game Show Connection

Client appreciation events are a great way for financial advisors to express thanks, build loyalty, and make clients so happy that they tell their friends about you.  The popularity of TV game shows has proven to be a fun theme for many years.  How can a financial advisor customize this theme for their clients?

Enter The Game Show Connection.  We offer a variety of games for you to choose from, and can provide you the pros and cons of each game format. Each of our game show sets has the look and feel of a real TV game show, and we present the show as a mini stage production for maximum entertainment.   Our goal is to provide your guests with a classic TV game show experience.

Let’s break it down a bit, specifically for financial advisors.  Most of these events typically incorporate a cocktail/social period, dinner or lunch, and then the main part of the game show.  The cocktail/social period is a great time to schmooze with your clients.   During this time, we can play a low-key game that doesn’t require everyone’s attention.   Lightning Trivia or Smart Phone Trivia are well suited for this segment of the event.

Once dinner is complete, the boss may want to thank everyone for attending before turning it over to us for the main show.  The most popular game types are Survey Says, Team Face Off and Smart Phone Trivia.  We usually recommend a combination of games to keep everyone energized and engaged.  Survey Says is our version of Family Feud, Team Face Off is essentially team-based Jeopardy.  We can easily transition back and forth with all these games.

The type of trivia presented is critical to the success of the show.  Our shows are usually not designed to identify the smartest person in the room.  This means easy to moderate difficulty level trivia is usually best.  And yes, age is also an important factor.  Since a financial advisor’s typical client is over age 50, it makes sense to adjust the trivia to that demographic.

Each game is designed so we can frequently rotate in/out new players, to maximize the opportunity for your guests to play.  Speaking of guests, the number of guests you expect is another important factor to consider.  The type and length of games we recommend may be very different for a group of 150, compared to a group of 75.  If your client base is larger, you may want to schedule two events - either two nights in a row, or a lunch and then dinner seating/show.

Want more insight and ideas for your client appreciation event?  Feel free to call or email and our game show event planners will be happy to help!