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Our In-Person Stage Production Game Show Formats

Are you looking for game shows for corporate events and team building? We provide the most popular, classic game show formats for corporate events and trade shows.  Each game show "set" as been custom designed with the look and feel of a real TV game show.   The type of game show you choose depends on you the number of players you want to include, as well as the purpose.   If your main goal is to energize your company with a fun entertaining game show, most of our game formats will suit your needs.  In contrast, if you plan to include a lot of company-related trivia, some of our formats are better suited for this purpose than others.

Our most popular game shows are team-based, which allow 10 to 16 people to play at any one time. We frequently rotate in new teams/players to allow everyone the opportunity to play. Call or email today to learn more about the many game show options we provide, along with the pros and cons for each format.

Survey Says

Two teams face off against each other in a classic TV style game show where survey style questions are presented.  Multiple teams can be rotated in a tournament style rotation for maximum fun!

Survey Says Set Edited 1600 X 500

The Challenge Quiz Show

This trivia format has endless trivia possibilities. Our game show hosts have thousands of fun, entertainment trivia questions. We have sound clips from movies, TV shows, music, sports and many others that create an exciting game show. This is also the ultimate format for customized training and team building questions. Our support staff can assist you in creating a fun, educational training game show.

Challenge Quiz Show Set Edited 1600 X 500

Smart Phone Trivia
Group Entertainment

Smart Phone Trivia is a fun, interactive way to test your audience's knowledge by having them use their mobile device to play along! This game typically uses multiple choice trivia questions. Your crowd competes against each other by earning points based on answering questions correctly in the least amount of time.

Team Face Off

Our unique game show format that combines standard trivia questions in a team-based format.  Perfect for clients who want to cover a lot of company-related trivia in a fast-paced game show.

Team Face Off Set Edited 1600 X 500

In It To Win It

In It To Win It is a game where players perform a variety of physical challenges in under a minute. We have a variety of creative challenges for your employees or guests, which require them to use their creativity and whit to complete. Single players or teams can compete against one another. This is a great team building game, and can be incorporated with other games.

In It To Win It Set Edited 1600 X 500

Rapid Response

Speed trivia game that combines all the fun of celebrities and pop culture. How fast can you identify photos of celebrities? How fast can you Name That Tune? This is an exciting "beat-the-clock" game that can be played by individuals or teams. This is a perfect supplemental game to any of our in-person games.

Beat The Banker

Our version of Deal or No Deal, Beat the Banker is an exciting finale for clients who have the budget to offer $250 or more in a cash prize. This game uses virtual suitcases that contain as little as $1, and as high as your budget allows.  The banter between the contestant and the audience is hilarious.  This game keeps everyone on the edge of their seat.

Spin To Win

This classic word puzzle TV game show can be played with three players (as seen on TV), or with six players with three teams of two. The "wheel" format is often used as a supplement to our Survey Says or Game Show Mania game shows.

Spin To Win Set Edited 1600 X 500

Closest Bid Showcase

Present a product showcase where players place bids on what they believe to be the online price value.  The player with the closest bid to the online price value (without going over) wins!  Great for an exciting finale!

Closest Bid Showcase 1600 x 500

Corporate Event Types

As your corporate event specialist, we provide our game show productions for a variety of applications.  National Sales Meetings, Holiday Parties, Company retreats, trade shows, are all part of our game show production services.  If you want a game show that is customized for educational purposes, we do those! Are you looking for a creative way to enhance your brand?  We do that too.  Most importantly, we have the experience and expertise to customize our game shows to meet your goals.