Team Face-Off Game Show

Team Face Off is an exciting, fast paced game show that uses teams of 4 – 8 players. Trivia questions can be customized around your company’s products, services, policies, procedures – or we can use our general pop culture trivia. Teams play for approximately 5 - 15 minutes, and new teams are rotated in/out to maximize the number of people that get to play. Semi-final and championship rounds can be incorporated for the maximum amount of fun.

Team Face Off is ideal for those companies who desire a team-based game show, with a wide variety of company specific trivia. Call our game show event specialists today to learn more! 

Team-Face Off Game Show


• Combines the BEST features of Jeopardy and Family Feud.
• Perfect for company’s that want to include a medium to large amount of custom company trivia, in a TEAM format.
• Average number of custom company questions is 30 to 100.
• Allows players to compete in teams
• Large numbers of players can be rotated in for game play.
• Energizes teams and builds morale

Team Face-Off Gameplay

• Teams of 4 - 8 players each (6 ideal)
• Number of teams must be even, 2, 4, 6, etc.
• Two teams compete for each “round”.
• Each “round” has 12 to 24 questions each.
• Each “round” lasts 5 to 10 minutes each.
• The winners from each “round” can compete in a playoff or championship.
• Questions are similar to Jeopardy style questions.
• Teams stand behind team stations.
• One player from each team is called to center “face-off” to answer one question at a time. Players from each team are quickly rotated to answer questions, in a fast-paced game show.
• Customized questions, our pop culture questions or a combination of both can be used.

Two teams go head-to-head playing Team Face Off.  This video shows a combination of "Name That Tune" with regular pop culture trivia.  Teams have five seconds to quickly collaborate and provide their answer, making this an exciting, fast paced game show.