Client Appreciation Game Shows

Here is a sample overview of how we might present the games:

Guest arrival/social time: Lightning Trivia (this game is usually a bit more low-key, where the host announces that people can come up and play if they want to, while everyone else socializes.

Dinner/Lunch Served - typically the boss provides some remarks to everyone, then background music

Smart Phone Trivia - after dinner/lunch, everyone plays with their phone. 20 minutes

Survey Says Round 1 - Top 12 from Smart Phone Trivia play for about 15 minutes

Survey Says Round 2 - Players 13 - 24 play about 15 minutes

Team Face Off Round 1 - Players 25 - 36 play about 10 minutes

Team Face Off Round 2 - Players 37 - 48 play about 10 minutes

We usually do a final round for anyone that wants to play, but hasn't yet played - sort of a last call.

People enjoy watching the show - but not everyone wants to get up and play. Usually, if people are good at smart phone trivia, they want to come up and play Survey Says or Team Face Off.

One option that also works well is to create teams by the table, instead of using the leaderboard from Smart Phone Trivia.

Yet another option is to have people sign up to play the stage games - this option comes with managing the sign-ups, but it ensures that everyone who wants to play gets a turn.

These are all just ideas - we will work with you to make the show fit your needs.